World Map

Do you know where Saint Kitts and Nevis is located?
What do you think about the Arabic, English and Italian melting pot that is Malta?

At its core, being a citizen means belonging to a community. That’s why perhaps all of us who might consider ourselves “world citizens” or “global citizens” should learn a little bit about each country. The interactive map on this page includes a brief history (around 400 words) of various countries  as well as the countries that each nation has an important historical or economic connection.

Given that this is a personal project and no one can be an expert on every country, any recommendation or correction is welcome 🙂

(Note: there should be a list of countries to the left of the map. If it doesn’t appear on your phone, try rotating it horizontally to make the screen wider. To locate a country more precisely, zoom in anywhere on the map and click on the country’s name on the list to the left.)

Click on the countries for more information!
Countries that have not been covered are in blue, countries with summaries are colored in green (#3F704D/#8BB04B).